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About Us
Chairman Message
Bangladesh is a treasure of human resources with her 160 million people in 1,48,000 square kilometers area. Bangladesh workers are widely known as talented, hard working, devoted and sincere. They have earned reputation wherever they have worked . It's my great pleasure to introduce my M/S K.B.S International recruiting License No R1=1119 a Bangladesh Government approved International Recruiting Agency-with you . We are one of the dependable and efficient manpower export agencies in Bangladesh Our office is staffed by a team of capable , dynamic and experienced executives. They are fully equipped to mobilize, select and export any category and number of workers as per the requirements and advice of the overseas employers. We are situated at the heart of dhaka's commercial centre having expertise in recruiting suitable manpower for Saudi Arabia ,UAE, Qatar , Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Malaysia, Singapoer, Italy, Japan and other European countries. We have wide and efficient network all over the country to find and select appropriate manpower of the employer according to their requirement Our mission is contribute to the economy of our motherland providing our valued clients with quality and effective services at the right time with the right people at a competitive cost.

Ln.S.M Abdul Khaleque


Executive Chief Officer (ECO)

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a top class development company, forming a team of professionals maintaining the highest standards of our mission satisfying our honorable customers to get the best outcome with excellence. We believe that we are not just a alone company, we are society builders. Our core missions are :
  • To build up a long relationship with customers with loyalty and trust.
  • Maintaining the Islamic Sharia in proper way.
  • Globally recognised with competitive standard.
  • To maintain the quality along with the reasonable cost for all.
  • Innovate the plans day by day as per customer perspective to help.
  • To work together to provide the best value with assured Peace Group mark of quality.
  • Our Vision

    Contributing significantly to building a new Bangladesh and become the most vital real estate company in Bangladesh and transform Bangladesh tourism sector as the number one tourism country in the world within 2020.

    Safety Information

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    To make most out of your trip these basic general safety tips can prove to be very helpful.